Weight Loss



You have often heard people say, “If you are fat, what you need to do is to eat less and exercise more.” Implicitly, they are placing the “blame” on you that you are fat because you choose to.

What if I tell you that is not true at all? What if the calories-in calories-out model of why we become fat is a wrong paradigm? This means that even if you consume less calories than what you use, you may lose weight, but it’s not fat that you lose but muscles, and you would still have that belly or those thighs.

What if I tell you it is not about the quantity of food you eat that is important, but what type of food you eat? What if I tell you that there has been no research linking exercise to fat loss at all?

That will make sense isn’t it? You probably have tried to reduce your food intake and it may work for a while, but you gain very quickly the weight you lost. You probably have tried exercising but not see the result you would like to see…

What if the reason why it didn’t work was not because you didn’t have the willpower to carry on the diet forever or that if only you keep running more or working harder in your workout, you would lose those pounds, but that it would never have worked in the first place because the fundamental belief that you need to eat less and exercise more is just plain… wrong?

What?! I hear you say, but that’s what all the other experts say. Ah, but not all the experts. We would claim otherwise.

So what do we do? Weight loss is made up of a few critical components, and exercise has nothing to do with it. We focus on a particular type of diet for permanent weight and fat loss and certain supplements to detox the body and balance the hormones in the body.

In addition, obesity can also be linked to infections. For example, adenovirus 36 is found in 30% of obese people, but only found in 11% of non-obese people. Obesity is also associated with adenovirus 37 and adenovirus 5. Animals experimentally infected with these three human adenoviruses, AD-36, AD-37, and AD-5, developed increased obesity. Obesity is also associated with higher gut levels of certain problematic Firmicutes bacteria (such as Clostridium, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and Helicobacter pylori) in relation to Bacteroidetes bacteria (overweight individuals tend have more of the problematic Firmicutes bacteria in their stomach and intestines; normal weight individuals tend have more Bacteroidetes bacteria).

There are many vendors dealing with weight and fat loss, but many of them are beauty consultants, not health consultants. We are unique in seeking a permanent solution for you. No more yo-yo diets and no more gaining back of the lost weight. Best of all, you not only gained beauty in the process, but your health back!

For weight loss, now we have also teamed up with Tiffany Wee, a qualified Australian-trained naturopath who has been dealing with clients for the last 15 years for all kinds of conditions including weight issues. Together we would implement the Mind Body Slim system. You are not relying on anything external to “do the work” for you. Instead, using the principles of homeopathy, it resets your own body. The combination of homeopathic drops and a specific dietary protocol helps you burn 7-12kg in just 3 weeks. Such that even after you stop using the remedy, you maintain the weight-loss, because your own metabolism has been restored to a healthy level. In fact, with a clean diet and exercise, many clients continue to lose more weight on their own.

In addition, with what is effectively a clean diet for 3 weeks, this program helps to heal a leaky gut, reduce chronic inflammation and kill candida. All of this leads to reduced cravings for carbohydrates and sugar, and has even helped to improve conditions like food allergies, digestive dysfunction, blood sugar imbalance (pre-diabetes), hypertension and cholesterol imbalance. Essentially Darius would handle the emotional components of your weight while Tiffany would help address the physical component of it. To find out more about Tiffany, you can go to her website at www.tiffanywee.com.

What if you can see a slender lady in the mirror and know that it is you smiling back at you?

What if you can finally wear the size that you have dreamt long and hard about?

What if you can be in the arms of a man that can see the inner and external beauty in you?

Hear what one client has to say after undergoing therapy with us:

The treatment also had a collateral benefit, which was weight loss. While I faced increasing health issues, my weight began to increase to high risk obesity levels. I was anxious, stressed, short-tempered, frustrated over small matters, argumentative and angry almost all the time. When I started the treatment, I began a bit calmer. The more calm I became, I found that after a month, I had decreased my weight when I looked into the mirror. With more follow-ups in resolving ancestral and entity issues affecting me, each month, my mind got stable (as in calm and peaceful). I did not expect myself to lose weight but my weight loss was a collateral benefit. My friends have seen me and complimented on my “new look”. In fact, most of them have asked me what exercise and nutrition I was eating, which I am not able to answer. I was actually eating normally 3 times a day and some walks in the park, whenever I feel like it.

Val, Malaysia

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