Social Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks


Do you find it difficult to meet with people and get all panicky just thinking about it?

Do you have persistent fears and worries that is even disturbing your sleep?

Have your anxiety and panic attacks paralyze you so much that you can’t move forward in life?

Do you have suicidal thoughts even as you think about your bleak existence?

Well, you are not alone. What you have is a form of anxiety disorder. The problem if you go and see a psychiatrist is that you may get drugs to relieve the symptoms, but it does not explain WHY you have this issue in the first place or even how to resolve it in a safe and natural manner. The drugs often prescribed are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). Using these, it is likely that you would have to take them for the rest of your life and some drugs can also lead to certain unwanted side effects.

The other option is cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), a branch of psychotherapy that works with the thoughts underlying the behaviour.  CBT works, however we have found that some of the energy psychology work that we do works much faster (for more about energy psychology, please go here).

In fact, many people believe anxiety and panic attacks are a result of their psychology, but based on our clinical experience, that is only partially true. The more important element is usually due to some form of toxicity in the body and a form of bacterial infection known as lyme (borrelia burgdorferi).

People with this will find that they may get temporary relief if they work with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or other complementary practitioners, but they relapse soon after and never see a permanent resolution. The reason is simple – these practitioners have not identified what is the true root cause of the anxiety and panic attacks and have not treated the toxicity and bacterial infection. In fact, this treating of root cause is the ONLY way that you can get permanent relief!

Would you like to finally, once and for all, get to the roots of this debilitating issue? Very likely, there is also something in your family system that has to be addressed. That is also why people with anxiety disorders tend to have parents or siblings who may also have similar symptoms.

How would you feel if you can be surrounded by a crowd and still breathe easily?

How would you feel if you can zap those worrying and fearful thoughts away?

How would it be if you can finally be the confident and self-assured person that you have always wanted to be?

Hear from these people who have managed to successfully break free from their anxiety and panic attacks after the therapy:

My daughter’s depression and anxiety is a matter of the past

My name is Bernice and I brought my teenage daughter Caroline to see Darius in April 2014 because of several issues she was encountering in  her life, primarily depression, anxiety and stress, which is starting to take a toll on her school life and her relationships with her schoolmates. Sometimes she also was experiencing difficulty with concentration and focus as well and found it hard to motivate herself in doing academic work. I was very lost as to what to do to help her. In total, we had 2
sessions with Darius in which he did some energetic work as well as some supplements to help support Caroline’s detox. I am reporting this in September 2014 and I am happy to say that Caroline has improved a lot.  She has been doing fine since late August. She is now more cheerful, friendly towards me and the younger brother whom she used to dislike so much.

Bernice Toh, Singapore


My mother can sleep well and have no more panic attacks!

My name is Chang Ren and I am writing this on behalf of my mother, Lay Yee, who came to see Darius because of severe panic attacks every morning. During the panic attacks, she would break out into a cold sweat and breathe with much difficulty. She also couldn’t sit still and fidget endlessly. And her shaking would increase in intensity when there was anything to create more fear. For example, when we went to see a doctor, she was very sensitive and thought that we were discussing on doing certain procedures on her and she resisted any attempts to do so. Her blood pressure was also up from all these stresses. In addition, she also could no longer sleep in the afternoon (she used to like taking naps) or at night. Even with the strongest dose of sleeping pills that we could find, she slept a maximum of 4 to 5 hours, and these were very fitful sleeps to say the least. Some nights, she couldn’t sleep at all and obviously, it pained me to see my mother in this condition.

We met Darius for the first session in Jun 2014 and truthfully, we were very skeptical when we first began, not being sure whether it would work. But we were at the end of our ropes and there wasn’t much choices left available to us since we had already gone to the psychiatrist and the various doctors. It was my sister who noticed that after the first session, my mother already responded to the therapy. She had more energy and her panic attacks also decreased in intensity. By the second session, she was much calmer and was able to sit without fidgeting like what she was doing during the first session. After the 3rd session in July, that was when we saw the biggest improvement. From early July, her insomnia really started to improve and her panic attacks decreased in both frequency and intensity. By August 2014, all panic attacks have stopped. We are writing this in Oct 2014 after her 4th and last session and we are glad to say that she continues to be symptom-free. She now sleep really well as well! It is gratifying to see her enjoy her afternoon naps again. On behalf of my mother and the whole family, we would like to say a big Thank You to Darius. We are glad that we reserve judgment until we see the results for ourselves. Now we are even recommending the therapy to our colleagues and friends who may also need help!

Chang Ren, Singapore


My panic attacks are decreasing after every treatment

I was having panic attacks 6 – 8 times a month when I came to see Darius. During the panic attacks, I would feel nervous, my heart will race and I grew so afraid of having panic attacks that I have to be accompanied everywhere by someone to feel safe. I saw Darius a total of 3 times, once every month. After the first time I saw him, my panic attacks decreased to 2 – 4 times a month. After the second time I saw him, it further reduced to 1 – 2 times a month. After the 3rd session, Darius mentioned that I probably do not need to see him again as all I needed to do at this point in time is to clear off the yeast in my body system. The interesting thing was that Darius talking about yeast wasn’t new to me. A few months ago, I have seen a doctor in a national skin care centre who has also pinpoint yeast as the source of my skin problems. So there seem to be a correspondence in what they have discovered. Even though I was given some antifungal drugs, I hesitate to take it because what the dermatologist said is that the yeast can never be fully cleared from the system and it will keep recurring. Darius gives another viewpoint. He believes that the yeast is only there because there are still toxins in the system and now that the toxins have been removed, the yeast can probably be cleared from the system permanently. Based on Darius’s estimates, it will take a further 4 months for the body to heal itself after the yeast is gone. I am looking forward to more positive changes! For those who are still hesitating whether to see him, I would say, go ahead, you won’t be disappointed.

Melinda, Singapore


I no longer have nocturnal anxiety

Pulse has become steady again!

Over the years, I used to have anxiety issues. During those times my pulse rate could go up from 70 to 90 or 100 per minute. I usually slept around 2am and would wake up after 3-4 hours feeling anxious- a sign of nocturnal anxiety. I would also feel heavy-headed with tired eyes in the late afternoons.

All these symptoms decreased considerably after the first session,to my surprise. After the 2nd session, I slept longer and better, with no anxiety and felt calmer, with my pulse rate steady between 60-70 most of the time. I have finished my 3rd session and there have been no negative symptoms since.

My appreciation to Darius for the effective therapy and healing!

Kim Hoe, Singapore


Anxiety and panic attacks that have affected me for over 10 years got so much better

I have been experiencing anxiety and panic attacks for over 10 years and have been seeking psychiatric help and taking medications. During these attacks, I would feel heartburn in the middle of my chest and start to feel nervous and anxious. I would need to burp a lot to release the gas. Not long before I saw Darius, I had serious panic attacks over 5 to 6 times during a night and was hospitalized. My husband did some research over the internet and found Darius. After the first session, I can already feel a difference. I noticed that in the past, I needed to go toilet very frequently, at least 3 to 4 times a day, but now it has normalized to just 1 to 2 times a day. The heartburn doesn’t come so often as well and I no longer burp as much. This is after the 3rd and last session and I must say that almost all my symptoms have been alleviated to the point in which I feel ok now. Thanks so much, I am very glad to have met you!

Cecilia Ng, Singapore


My livelihood was almost lost, luckily my anxiety, panic and depression is a thing of the past!

After a dengue fever infection, I started having anxiety, depression and had 2 panic attacks. I was having fear of darkness and had many thoughts running through my head. Insomnia was plaguing me. I was also losing my livelihood because it was difficult to drive my taxi when I feel so anxious. I went to see Darius in March 2015. At the same time, I went to see a psychiatrist in April who advised me to take Lexapro and Xanax 3 times a day. I am reporting this on July 2015 after my last session with Darius (we had 4 sessions together). Currently I have cut down my medication to just 1 time in the morning. The med was cut down incrementally in May and July and I plan to cut the meds totally a month from now. At this point, I have no more anxiety, depression and no further panic attacks. I also no longer fear darkness and I can sleep properly again. As a result, I have started driving my taxi with no problem. Interestingly, in a recent full body test, my blood sugar has also started normalizing (I used to be pre-diabetic) and my total cholesterol including my bad cholesterol has come down too. Thank you Darius for the help you rendered! Health is wealth – I really realize the significance of this statement after my experience!

Dave Singh, Singapore


From anxiety attacks almost every hour in a day to feeling much better!

After a frightening incident in Oct 2013, I developed anxiety. This manifests in me feeling hair-raising sensations, hearing loud projected sounds in my inner ear, and sleepless nights because I felt like my chest is cramping and I can’t breathe properly. At my worst moments, I was having anxiety attacks almost every hour in a day. It was totally unbearable and I thought my life was going to end! I also notice that I started to lose confidence in my driving abilities and had unreasonable fears of driving which forced me to take public transport instead. I went to see a psychiatrist in Apr-May of 2014 and was put on the medication mirtapzine. My psychiatrist asked me to up my dose to 45 mg as my symptoms were quite severe even with the medication. That was when I decided to see Darius. I saw him for the first session in Apr 2015. I am writing this after 5 sessions with Darius in July 2015. Within these 3 months, I now felt a greater sense of control. My hair-raising sensations are much less intense and frequent, there are no longer any loud projected sounds in my ear, I started driving again, and I no longer have the cramping and breathing difficulty spells that I used to have. Currently I am also negotiating with my psychiatrist to cut down my dose of medication. I would like to say a big thank you to Darius for helping me get my life back!

Lucien, Singapore


It is possible! And you may be surprised that it can happen much sooner than anticipated. Let us show you how! Give us a call at 94757950 Darius to come for the Autonomic Response Testing (ART) where we can assess what the issue may be.