Lyme Disease



In Singapore, Lyme Disease is a virtual unknown. The scariest thing is that Lyme disease has been linked to many nervous system disorders and auto-immune illnesses. In fact, there are some practitioners who claim that Lyme Disease is always present in ALL people with chronic illnesses. Based on our clinical experience, I have to agree with them.

I am fortunate to learn from the one of the best and world-renowned doctor looking at Lyme Disease, Dr Klinghardt and has adopted his modalities and treatments for Lyme Disease. There is no one else in Singapore who looks at Lyme Disease like I do, and with the ART, it is possible to isolate and treat it.

Basically, Lyme Disease is caused by the Borrelia bacteria. Usually with Borrelia, there are other common co-infections like Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Rickettsia, etc. These create a persistent infection in the body which weaken the immune system and make chronic disease possible.

If you have been diagnosed with any chronic illnesses and no one else so far you have seen has even remotely mention Lyme Disease as a contributing cause, then you definitely have to speak to us! Give us a call at 94757950 Darius where we can do the ART test to confirm the presence of these nasty bugs!