Infertility for both males and females has increased exponentially in the last twenty years. We understand how desperate it can be to want to have your own children without the ability to do so. Of course, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is always an option but even with IVF, it can take many expensive tries before you manage to successfully deliver the baby.

Infertility also hides much deeper health issues that should be addressed for the sake of your overall health. Won’t it be good to be able to deliver a baby normally using natural means? Even if you decide to go for an IVF, won’t it be good to have healthier babies because the sperms and eggs of the father and mother are now much healthier after treatment?

In our centre, we focus on natural and healthy ways to strengthen the body so that you are able to have a precious child or children of your own.

To do that, a few things have to be done – detoxification, mitigate the effects of electromagnetic frequencies (many research have linked EMF radiation with a decreased sperm count and its quality in men) in the home and environment, and addressing genetic and epigenetic issues. Infertility is also linked to thyroid issues so if any party has symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, it can be a contributing cause so that has to be treated.

We would start by doing an ART testing on both the prospective father and mother and administer appropriate remedies over a period of time. Give us a call at 94757950 Darius!