Digestive problems



If you have stomach and digestive issues, the likely situation is that you have some form of parasitic infection that has to be dealt with.

Unfortunately, with the widespread use of antibiotics, many bacteria have become more virulent than ever. Nowadays, many bacteria have developed resistance to common antibiotics. Antibiotics can also only deal with bacterial infection but not infection by worms, amoeba and other protozoans.

Another very common scenario is what is known as the leaky gut syndrome. This is caused by a fungi infection and lead to the proliferation of candida.

Either way, the ART testing would be able to identify the parasites that may be an issue right now and find appropriate remedies to treat them. We would also likely introduce probiotics to replenish the healthy bacteria in the gut.

Look at these testimonials to see the results:

I no longer take certain medications I used to take for my sinus and heartburn.

My mother suffered from fears and anxiety and from as far back as I can remember, I also have many fears and anxiety. Then I had a breakdown and suffered from depression at 26 years old. I slowly recovered from that episode but other symptoms continue to appear.

My stomach feels very bloated; I have low blood sugar that caused me to have the feeling of fainting sometimes; I was suffering from heartburn almost every day; I have sinus issues; I have psoriasis on both my hands and feet; my Achilles tendon was tight and hurts when I walk. For some of these conditions, I was taking on-going medications to keep the symptoms at bay.

I was introduced to Darius by a good friend of mine. After 3 sessions over 2 months of therapy (I am writing this just after my 3rd session), my fears and anxieties are much lesser; I feel less bloated in my stomach; My appetite is lesser and I no longer need to eat to sustain my blood sugars, in fact, I no longer have fainting spells; I have lesser heartburn and when they do come it is much less intense, as a result I stop taking the medication Nexium for heart-burn (I used to need to take it every day) and only took it occasionally when there is a flare up, the last I took it was 5 days before my third and final session; I don’t have sinus attacks anymore and therefore have stopped taking my anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory medications; I also have lesser psoriasis on my hands and foot though for that, besides undergoing treatments with Darius, I am also using some essential oils to apply on them; My Achilles tendon is still hurting and there is not much changes for that yet, but Darius has explained to me that symptoms which I may have for a long time (which applies in this case to my Achilles tendon) may take some time for the body to slowly heal.

Overall, I am thankful that I met Darius and already felt better than I have felt in a long time!

Sharina, Singapore

Finally! I can love myself

I sought Darius out because I was having an emotional breakdown after a recent breakup.

That was a pattern in my life – I would become grouchy and moody, very upset, and keep overthinking about what has happened in the past, so much so that I can’t move on. I also noticed that I was doing everything for everyone else but not myself.

On the physical level, I had bloatedness and gastric frequently. After 3 sessions with Darius, I would say there is a good deal of improvement.

Firstly, with regards to relationships, I am now not so emotional and more rational. I am more future oriented and can see the bigger picture. As a result, I can also make judgments faster and am less affected if my relationship with my partner is not going well.

One significant thing that happened to me is that now I am able to love myself more. This has been something that has been bothering me for decades!

Finally my bloatedness and gastric is now less frequent and less intense than before, and I expect the improvements to continue in future.

Thanks Darius for what you did for me!

Georgina Toh, Singapore

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