High blood sugar is just the symptom, let’s get to the root!

You may already have tried lifestyle modifications and diet changes, with no dramatic improvements to the blood sugar problem. The reason is because lifestyle is not the problem, toxicity is.

Usually a person with diabetes is overweight, what the fat cells contain are toxins stored in the body. That is why when the weight is lost, sometimes the toxicity issue is resolved and the diabetes condition reverses. Proper detoxification is therefore one key element of treating diabetes.

More insidiously, diabetes is often a result of chronic infection over time. For example, diabetes mellitus type 1 is generally associated with viral species from the enterovirus genus, specifically: Coxsackie B virus (coxsackievirus B may directly destroy the insulin-producing betacells in the pancreas, in addition to causing indirect autoantibody damage to these betacells); and echovirus 4 (echovirus 4 may act as an environmental trigger for type 1 diabetes). Diabetes mellitus type 2 is associated with cytomegalovirus, hepatitis C virus, enteroviruses. and Ljungan virus.

The best way to start is with an ART test to isolate what the real issue is, then a suitable customized program can be planned to treat diabetes naturally. Call us at 94757950 Darius to book an appointment now!