Chronic Pain


“During the session, we spent 15 minutes working on beliefs regarding lower back pain. Miracles of miracles, after we   cleared the issues, I could not feel the pain at the lower back anymore. The   next day, I went for a run and the pain is totally gone. I even try to put some   pressure on the back but there was no pain at all!”

David, Client, Singapore


I   suffered from a neck injury from an accident a few years ago that caused me   extreme pain. It was so bad I had a hard time sleeping at night and have to   take 3 painkillers a day to function in daily life. I tried many things but   nothing worked. After 5 sessions with Darius, my pain which was originally a   7/10 is now at a 3/10. As such I no longer need to take any painkillers on a   daily basis. I highly recommend his services if you are experiencing any form   of chronic pain.

Kovida   Goh


I was afflicted with nasty lower back pain and sciatica that really troubled me immensely. It went away   in 2003 with JinShinJyutsu but came back in late 2010 after an injury. I   was getting JSJ treatments for more pressing concerns and just put up with   the back pain. After one session with Darius, the lower back pain was greatly relieved and remained so as of this writing. I highly recommend him as   someone to go to for any chronic pain and illness.

Carolyn   Street

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