Chronic Fatigue


Feel continuously tired that just doesn’t go away even with lots of rest?

Is the fatigue debilitating you so much that it is preventing you from participating in activities?

Do you experience muscle aches and weaknesses in different parts of the body that cannot be explained by any disorders?

You may be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

One of the main contributing causes of CFS, I believe, is an excess exposure to EMF radiation. Under the influence of the EMF radiation, bacteria and viruses proliferate, causing a build-up in the body of their biotoxins which then cause the body to become sick. Newer research is tending to demonstrate that enterovirus infection may have a causal relationship to CFS. Chronic fatigue syndrome is also associated with human herpesvirus 6 variant A, human herpesvirus 7, parvovirus B19. The bacteria Coxiella burnetii and Chlamydia pneumoniae have been shown to cause chronic fatigue syndrome which would mean that certain supplements to help combat the viruses and bacteria would usually be helpful as well.

CFS is usually associated with inflammation that your body is trying to heal as much as possible by forcing your body to rest. So dealing with all the stresses – physical and emotional, that your body is affected by, would allow the body to heal these damages as soon as possible so that you can feel more energetic again!

Here is a testimonial from a doctor who came to see me as a result of chronic fatigue:

My name is Dr Andrea and I work as an anaesthetist in a hospital. I suffered from chronic fatigue. For example, I did not feel refreshed after sleeping, I found it difficult to think clearly, and going out was very exhausting. Even shopping for half an hour was too tiring. When I went to see an allergist, he claimed that my condition was generally considered by most doctors to be psychosomatic. In addition, my eyesight was getting very blur. It was bad enough to get my eyes checked at the eye hospital, but they couldn’t ascertain what the problem was. They advised me to apply some lubricating eye drops, but it didn’t seem to help very much. Finally I have a condition known as stapedius spasm. Some nights I would feel a drumming and popping in my eyes that is loud enough to wake me up. The specialist told me there wasn’t much they can do and I have to live with it. The other alternative was surgery to remove certain muscles in my middle ear.

I went to see Darius for his autonomic response testing in Nov 2014 for a course of 5 sessions from Nov-Dec. I am writing this in mid-Dec 2014 and I would say there has been a good improvement over just the one month of treatment. I wake up now much more alert and energetic. My thinking is now clearer and I recently went out shopping for a few hours without any trouble. My vision also pretty much cleared up and now I have perfect vision. My stapedius spasm also seems to have improved. During this one month, I only had it 2 times and both times that it happened, the sound was much softer and muffled so it didn’t disturb me as much.

I am glad to have met Darius and to be able to be helped in my condition. Thanks so much!

Dr Andrea, Singapore

Different people vary in their treatment methods, hence the need for an ART test to determine what would be most appropriate.  Give me a call at 94757950 Darius!