There are four reactions that you are tested for to suggest an allergic reaction:

1)      IgE, IgG, etc true antigen-antibody related allergic phenomena

2)      Biochemical consequences or digestive reactions

3)      Autonomic nervous system stress reactions

4)      Emotional stress reactions

Any of these reactions can create havoc in the body. If you go to any practitioner who orders the allergy panel to test, they will only be able to discover the first of the reactions and not the other three. That is why even though something may test negative for an allergic reaction in the standard tests, we usually find that it does have a compromising effect on the body. The worst culprits in this category are the food intolerances, especially gluten and casein products.

Allergic reactions typically cause the body to be so busy with fighting off the perceived threats that it does not allow the body to heal. This means that almost everyone with chronic illnesses usually have food intolerances as one of the major factor causing or maintaining the illness. By eliminating these allergic reactions through either avoidance of the allergen or appropriate treatment, it is possible for the body to come back to balance.

You may have heard of NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) to treat allergies. However, I am able to desensitize those allergies in the same way like NAET but at a faster pace because of certain proprietary techniques.

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