The body is a self-healing machine which can heal all afflictions. All diseases arise because of stress and stress prevents the body from healing itself. These stresses usually fall into two categories: physical toxins and emotions.

The autonomic response testing is based on having a “dialogue” with the body to find out what stresses the body has that prevents the body from healing itself. This “dialogue” occurs through “exposing” the body to various stressors like vials of toxic metals, allergies, etc to see how the body respond to these stresses. All stresses would affect the nervous system, creating a change in muscle strength which we as the practitioners can detect.

When there are certain negative emotions and thoughts from past memories that are consistently played out, this prevents the body from effectively detoxing. Resolving these negative emotions and thoughts so that the body can detox and come back to balance is the most important part of our work. These emotions are usually stored in different parts of the body. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principle, grief is stored in the lungs, anxiety in the stomach, anger in the liver and fear in the liver for example. These organs are linked to the surface of the skin via meridian points. Touching these meridian points in the right sequence would release these negative emotions and thoughts. This particular therapy is proprietary to our centre and is developed by Darius.

When the body is no longer fixated on these negative memories, the body switch from a stress response to that of a relaxed response. In a relaxed physiological state (many people who thought they are relaxed are actually physiologically stressed), the body can do vital maintenance, repair and detoxification tasks. Over time, the body heals itself, and symptoms start to fall away.

In brief, these are how we deal with the different factors that cause illnesses:

Factor Examples What I Do
Toxins Heavy Metals, pesticides, chemicals, biotoxins from parasites ART would identify what toxins your body has, where it is stored, what are the appropriate supplements and remedies to properly help you detox, and what emotional blockages may be preventing you from detoxifying.
Biochemical Imbalances/ Nutritional Deficiencies Hormonal imbalances, minerals deficiency, vitamins deficiency ART can help identify the deficiencies you are facing, why you are having those deficiencies, and though initially it may be appropriate to provide these hormones, minerals or vitamins through supplementation, the ultimate aim is to find out why these deficiencies are present and correct the underlying factors so that the body can over time produces these on its own
Structural Issues Spinal subluxation, Dental Issues ART would help identify whether there are any kinds of bite and dental issues which requires intervention by a holistic dentist. This includes for example a narrow arch, birth traumas, tongue-tie issue, etc.
Energetic Perturbances Scars, acupuncture meridians, tonsils infections ART would identify whether any scars or hidden infections are causing interference issues and the appropriate therapy can be administered to neutralize these effects in the body.
Food Intolerances Food allergies and intolerances ART would identify the food allergies and intolerances that you have and desensitize these so that your body can better tolerate it in future
Geopathic and Biophysical Stress Stress caused by energetic lines in the land and environment that you stay in, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF waves) from cell phones, computers, electrical equipment ART can identify how your body is affected by these artificial radiations, and energetic therapies can be administered to desensitize your body to these influences. Advice would also be given to reduce these effects on you.
Unresolved psycho-emotional or spiritual conflict or trauma Belief systems about the illness, Trans-generational issues This is where ART is most helpful and essential. I can identify the trauma memories that are currently held in the organs of your body which are preventing your body from detoxifying. By neutralizing them through energy, your body can finally heal itself over time. This, I have found, is the most important part of healing! Without dealing with these, it’s almost impossible to heal permanently in the long-term.