Do you suffer in pain due to your chronic illness?

Have you gone around to different practitioners but not find the relief you seek?

Are you getting frustrated that no matter what you do in terms of diet, exercise, supplementation, lifestyle changes, nothing seems to shift permanently with regards to your disease?

You are not alone. And we hope you coming to my website will be the first step towards a permanent resolution to your problem.

My name is Darius and I believe I have found a comprehensive system to help guide you back to health.

You are probably wondering, “Why am I not getting better from my illness?”

Based on my experience, I have found that these are 5 main reasons for why people stay sick:

Illness can originate from one of five levels

I found out about the 5 Levels of Healing from Dr Klinghardt, MD, which changes my whole perspective of healing. In a nutshell, illness can originate from one of five levels… physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual levels. The problem is that you are likely to go to a practitioner who only tries to resolve it using the level he is familiar with. For example, if you go to a conventional doctor, his focus is on the physical level. But if the cause of the illness is not physical, no matter what you do in terms of the physical, you will never achieve a permanent fix to your illness. You need to find the level from which the illness came from and resolve it at that level.

Symptoms are usually not where illness originated

The symptoms of the illness are usually not where the problem originated. For example, liver problems usually came about because there is something wrong with the stomach. As the gut weakens and fails to breakdown the food substances, more toxins are pushed into the liver which causes the liver to get overloaded. Many practitioners find it very difficult to isolate the organ that is the cause of the weakness for the symptoms, and therefore prescribe the wrong supplements. This problem is eliminated using our testing, Autonomic Response Testing (ART) which isolates the cause of the problem.

A natural order of treatment for best results

There is a natural order of treatment that should be followed for best results. For example, some practitioners have a fixed protocol that they follow all the time for all patients. However, I have found that the order is critical, and the best way to know the order is to ask the body to show it to us. ART does that in an elegant way to identify the primary and secondary issues.

Important factors which are usually unknown by many practitioners

There are important factors which are usually unknown by many practitioners. For example, geopathic stress from the place you stay in and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) stress from the wireless networks, cellphones and other electrical equipment can determine whether you get well or stay sick. If you have gone to many practitioners seeking a solution to your chronic illness, it is very likely that you are suffering from one of these and no one has ever addressed it for you.

Oral treatments are no longer very effective

Oral treatments are no longer very effective. In order for oral treatments to work, it must be metabolized by the stomach and go to the place in the body where it is supposed to. I have found that in many cases, this is not happening at all. I solve this problem in two ways. Firstly, I have a method that can increase the supplement uptake in that area by eliminating the obstacles to absorption. Secondly, I provide therapeutic products that are not taken orally but can be delivered directly into the body via other mechanisms.

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Look at what one of our recent clients have to say about us:

“Before I met Darius, I wasn’t very aware of things around me or how others feel. I also get angry easily with my family and have difficulty making decisions. A typical decision used to take an hour. I also have headaches and migraine. Darius did the autonomic response testing for me and identify that the issues for me were parasites, bacteria and heavy metals poisoning. After i started on the treatment, it was clear to me that things were greatly improving. I started to gain greater awareness of social and interpersonal dynamics, was much less angry then before and can make up my mind much faster. Best of all, my headaches and migraine went away. There were other benefits like my chest no longer feel so tight, I feel much lighter and have more energy and I even started losing weight. My thinking also becomes much clearer. All of these happen within a short 2-3 months. Thanks to Darius for his accurate assessment and effective treatment!” Eva, Singapore

If only you are healthy, you would be able to enjoy the little pleasures of life…

If only you are healthy, you can be a better employee, a better child to your parent, a better spouse, a better human being…

If only you are healthy…

And now perhaps you can!


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P.S. Typically many of our current clients have exhausted their money, time and energy with other practitioners because they were really looking for a solution for their illness. They were not hopeful when they begin the program with us, because they have already tried so many things before. But they felt a real difference after undergoing our treatments. Now you have a choice. You can choose the route of going to different practitioners who may approach your illness using a trial and error perspective (believe me, I have gone through that route too), or would you want to experience ART which has been proven to be one of the most precise assessment tools right now?

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